Superyacht Application

A superyacht is a substantial investment in high quality leisure time and entertainment. Annoying rolling motion is simply not an acceptable situation on those days of the year that an owner enjoys their Yacht. VEEM Gyros virtually eliminate rolling motion due to waves or the wakes of passing yachts, whether you are in cruising quietly up the coast, transiting an ocean, at anchor, drifting or in the pen.

Not only do VEEM Gyros provide excellent roll stabilisation whilst under way, they work even better at at zero speed!

Some specific advantages of a VEEM Gyro for a Superyacht include:

  • Comfortable enjoyment of your yacht in more locations, on more days of the year
  • Outer harbour anchoring without the rolling
  • Expedition and distance cruising with more anchorage options and higher levels of comfort
  • Watch while your neighbouring yachts roll about and your vessel remains steady and comfortable
  • No annoying rolling as vessels pass by in harbour or in the pen
  • Stay onboard in comfort when the weather rolls in
  • No huge fins thrashing about in the water while you and your guests are swimming
  • All equipment in the engine room = no fin system noise in staterooms
  • Yacht lies comfortably at anchor without walking off station
  • Eliminated risk of fin grounding or net damage
  • Excellent roll stabilisation whilst underway
  • Even better roll stabilisation at zero speed, low speed, while drifting, in the pen, or at anchor
  • No need for external roll fins
  • Simple retro-fit or new-build integration as everything is in one place
  • No dry-dock requirement for maintenance


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